Islahuddin’s ‘Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode Heege’, on Zee5 and starring Rishi, is a tedious try at non-stop quirkiness

Posted on July 22, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The film wants to be a black comedy about a heartbroken man who is clinically depressed, but it never finds the right tone. 

nodi swamy ivanu irode heege

What right do we have to end our life? This question appears at the beginning of Nodi Swamy Ivanu Irode Heege, written and directed by Islahuddin NS. And the person this question is directed at is a grown man named Sai, whose girlfriend calls him Teddy Bear. (She, in turn, is called Baby Doll.) Rishi plays this man-child – but wait, did I say “girlfriend”? Let’s make that “soon to be ex-girlfriend.” It is a very sad breakup, with both in tears. Sai says, “I don’t know how to live without you.” Combine this line with the line that opened the film and you have the narrative crux: Unable to get over his heartbreak, even after five years, Sai decides that suicide is the answer.

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