Anjali Menon’s intermittently effective ‘Wonder Women’, on SonyLIV, is best enjoyed as an experiment in narrative technique

Posted on November 18, 2022


Spoilers ahead…

The screenplay tries to pack in too much in too little time, but just being around these talented ladies is going to be enough for many.

wonder women

The “one line” of Anjali Menon’s Wonder Women would be something like this: Six pregnant women attend a prenatal class, and experience both frictions and friendships. But the resulting film is not what that one line would suggest. In fact, I’d even hesitate calling Wonder Women a “film” – for it plays more like an extended commercial or music video. It’s a mosaic of moods and thoughts and emotions. If there’s one image that sums up the feel of this undertaking, it’s that of a pregnant woman closing her eyes with the kind of satisfaction only binge-eating can bring. The plate in front of her is loaded with carbs. There’s no dialogue, but the look on her face says it all. For at least the duration of the meal, the immense stress she’s going through has melted away. You may not know much about this person, but at that moment, you know exactly what she’s feeling.

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