“Sthalpuran”… In Akshay Indikar’s deeply felt portrait of a young boy, technique replaces traditional storytelling

Posted on February 27, 2020


World-premiering at the Berlinale, this Marathi drama will compete for the Crystal Bear for Best Film in the Generation Kplus section.

Spoilers ahead…

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Childhood is usually the most dynamic phase of existence. Even those of us who grow up ball-and-chained to desk jobs begin our lives running and jumping,  hopping and swinging — especially in that mythical land that is the grandparents’ home. That’s the kind of situation eight-year-old Dighu (Neel Deshmukh), from Pune, finds himself in. With his mother (Rekha Thakur) and older sister, Durga (Anushree Wani), he lands up at his grandparents’ village in the Konkan coast, filled with “roaring sounds of the sea.” The setting seems ripe for a boys’ own adventure. Let me pause at this point and ask you what kind of cinematography might complement the events to follow.

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