The best scene in Drishyam, as performed by Mohanlal, Kamal Haasan, Ajay Devgn, Venkatesh and Ravichandran

Posted on September 25, 2020


With Jeethu Joseph’s sequel in progress, here’s a flashback to how five different actors tackled the emotional confrontation at the end of the story.

When they announced Drishyam 2, with the same team from the blockbuster original (director Jeethu Joseph, actors Mohanlal and Meena), I wondered where it would take the story of Georgekutty. Because Drishyam is a complete film — as complete as a film can be. The plot clicks shut as firmly as the snap-locks on a VIP suitcase from the 1980s. The wily father saves his guilty-yet-innocent wife and children. The cops are still in the dark. The major evidence — the victim’s body — is someplace it will never be found, even though it’s literally under the noses of the police. What? You’re screaming about the missing spoiler alert? I’m sorry. I just assumed you’ve not been living under a rock and have seen at least one of the many versions of this film. (As of this writing, it’s apparently been made in every Indian language except Andaman-and-Nicobar-ese.)

But then, they said the same thing about The Godfather, which was another complete film — as complete as a film can be. When Francis Ford Coppola announced a continuation saga, people wondered where it would go, and found themselves stunned with one of the greatest sequels of all time. Let’s hope that’s the case, here. They’ve said that Drishyam 2 picks up the narrative in close-to-real time, i.e. seven years later (the first film was released in 2013), and that it’s not so much a thriller as a family drama. Will we see the “rotting” of Georgekutty’s soul the way we saw Michael Corleone’s? (Both of them, after all, were pulled inadvertently into a crime, and then realised there was no turning back.) I’m not exactly comparing the two films, of course. As pure filmmaking, The Godfather is leagues ahead. But as far as pure plot-design goes, Drishyam is world-class, too. (Ask the Chinese. They remade it.)

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